What To Do If You Were Injured in a Motorcycle Accident in Alabama

Riding a motorcycle around the North Alabama countryside is one of the most thrilling and wonderful things anyone can do. The land is beautiful, the ride is smooth, and with the wind at your back, nothing can slow you down. If only it wasn’t so dangerous. It is a sad fact that motorcyclists are much more likely to get injured in an accident than car drivers. The Insurance Information Institute reported that in Read More

5 Back to School Tips for Recently Divorced Parents

For most of America, this back-to-school season will be unlike any other. The majority of children will be going back to school in person this fall, after spending close to two years learning virtually. Some children may even be attending school in person for the first time ever after entering school during the pandemic. For divorced parents, the shift may be even more stark. The pandemic has allowed a lot of Read More

What Happens If an Uninsured Driver Hits Me?

It is Alabama state law that all drivers must have valid and current auto insurance. Unfortunately, as anyone who has driven in the fast lane on an Alabama highway can attest to, not everyone follows the law all the time. In fact, a 2019 survey found that one in every five Alabama drivers lacks insurance, making us the seventh-worst state in the nation for insured drivers. The point of auto insurance is to protect Read More

5 Fun Summer Kid Activity Ideas For Divorced Parents

Summer in Alabama is hot, long, and exciting. For kids, it can be the ultimate good time: staying up later, playing outside, no homework to speak of. For parents - especially divorced parents - it can be a much more difficult season. Some parents are only used to having their kids every other weekend, and over the summer they will have them for two week stretches at a time. When kids have been cooped up inside for Read More

5 Pieces of Really Bad Divorce Advice (That You Should Ignore)

Here’s one often overlooked challenge of getting a divorce: everyone has something to say about it. While you may be going through one of the most tumultuous and vulnerable times of your entire life, everyone else loves to pop up and tell you how they never liked your spouse to begin with and how you filed with the wrong lawyer and what happened with their aunt’s divorce a decade ago. To help you tune out the Read More

Can I Sue an Animal in Alabama?

Most animals are cute, cuddly, and kind to others. Some are not. Anyone who has been bitten by an animal - most commonly dogs, a more regular occurrence than you might expect - knows how harrowing of a process it can be. You have to get medical attention and often receive stitches. You have to take time off of work to heal. Sometimes the animal is infected and you run the risk of disease. That medical attention Read More

3 Reasons to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Alabama

Legally speaking, there are two kinds of divorce in Alabama: contested and uncontested. Contested divorce is probably what comes to mind when you hear the word “divorce.” It involves two spouses, each represented by their attorneys, arguing their side in front of a Judge who ultimately rules about how much money each spouse gets and who gets to keep the kids during the week. Contested divorce is every newlywed Read More

What to Do if You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Homes should always be a safe and secure place for your loved one to be taken care of as they grow old. Unfortunately, we know now that is not always the case. All too often, elders in our community are victims of Nursing Home Abuse. They often are not able to speak the truth to those around them. If you have a loved one in a Nursing Home, it is important to often check in on them and look for any warning Read More

5 Tips for Better Communication with Your Ex

Sometimes parents think that once their divorce is finalized, they will never have to speak to their ex again. This is not the case. When you have children together, your ex becomes your co-parent after a divorce, and your focus becomes on working together to take care of your child. This means that communication is more important than ever with your co-parent - even though it might not be easy. We know that Read More

What You Can Do if a Loved One is Arrested

It’s one of the calls that no one ever wants to receive: finding out that their loved one has been arrested. Whether it is a friend or family, it is a harrowing thing to find out. No matter the circumstances, we know that it can be shocking, frightening, and overwhelming hearing the news. It is important to remember that you are not helpless and the most important thing at all times is making sure that your loved one Read More