5 Fun Summer Kid Activity Ideas For Divorced Parents

Summer in Alabama is hot, long, and exciting. For kids, it can be the ultimate good time: staying up later, playing outside, no homework to speak of. For parents – especially divorced parents – it can be a much more difficult season. Some parents are only used to having their kids every other weekend, and over the summer they will have them for two week stretches at a time. When kids have been cooped up inside for most of the year, how can you entertain them during the summertime?

The good news is that there is no shortage of simple, fun, cheap activities that your kids will love. Here are 5 suggestions for fun summertime family activities:


It’s delicious and it builds character! Cooking is a great group activity for children of all ages. You can have your kids pick an appetizer or dessert that they love and help make that specifically. You can also teach them valuable life lessons, like how to know when meat is cooked and why not to play with kitchen knives.


Even if gardening does not sound like your strong suit, you might find it surprisingly relaxing. Gardening can easily make use of extra hands and turn fun in the sun into a productive afternoon. Don’t be afraid to get a little messy!


You don’t need to go to Japan or an arcade or even own a karaoke machine anymore. Just open up YouTube, where almost every song known to mankind has a free karaoke version primed for your kids to sing their hearts out. Try to do this one during the day so you don’t wake the neighbors!

Taking a Walk

We know, we know: taking a walk doesn’t sound too fun to the kids. Remind them that riding a bike or a skateboard or a scooter counts as taking a walk all the same. You can create a routine of taking a walk after dinner, to burn some calories and watch the golden hour.

Movie Night

Your kids have probably watched a few movies while stuck inside over the last year. Why not turn things on their head? Bring some pillows and bean bag chairs outside and have an outdoor movie night. If you have a projector, you can invite the whole neighborhood. Just make sure you’ve got enough popcorn!

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