Domestic Violence / Assault

Don’t Settle for Any Less Than the Highest Quality Defense Against Assault Charges

Accusations of assault—and domestic violence in particular—have the potential to ruin your life whether they are unfounded or not. Assault charges can ruin your reputation and result in severe criminal fines and jail time. Domestic violence convictions can have these same consequences with added detrimental implications for any Family Law situations that could occur in the future such as a divorce, custody battle, and more.

There are few criminal charges more serious than those involving violence, and there is far too much at stake for you to settle on anything less than the highest quality defense. Attorney John Totten is recognized in North Alabama as the go-to for aggressive and effective criminal defense. Whether you are facing false accusations, were acting in self-defense, or you are a good person who made a mistake, you deserve the best possible defense of your rights, and indeed, your future.

If you have been charged with a violent crime like assault or domestic violence, do not delay—immediately contact the law office of John M. Totten, P.C.
and let us go to work on your behalf.