When your life circumstances change, so too should your divorce agreement

One of the only things in life you can always expect and depend upon is change. Jobs change, incomes change, houses and cities and states of residence change. We may develop new relationships, see our health decline from an accident or illness, or have our children acquire unexpected financial needs. Change can be positive and change can be negative. Whatever the case may be, however, shouldn’t your divorce settlement reflect the current circumstances of your life rather than the outdated circumstances from the time of your original divorce order?

Unfortunately, your divorce agreement does not update automatically, and you may find yourself faced with resistance to the changes you desire. John Totten can help you achieve the divorce modifications you need to properly reflect the changes in your life. Whether your divorce occurred in Alabama or another state, we will use strong legal judgment and a keen eye for evidence to help you effectively demonstrate your need for changes in child custody, child support, spousal support, or any other arrangements from your original divorce. We will also aggressively defend you from unreasonable attempts at modification by your ex.

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