Insurance Claims

Insurance Agencies Will be Looking Out for Themselves—Let Us Look Out for You!

When dealing with insurance companies in any injury-related situation, the one thing you must always remember is that the insurance company is a business, and they are more worried about their bottom line than your well being. This may sound harsh, but the fact is, no insurance company wants to pay you a single cent more than they absolutely have to. When dealing with insurance claims following an accident, it is always in your best interests enlist the services of a skilled advocate to act on your behalf, protect your interests, and ensure you get paid what you deserve.

Attorney John Totten is particularly well-suited to help you deal with insurance claims thanks to his previous experience representing insurance companies in civil cases throughout Alabama. He has inside knowledge of the things insurance agencies and their adjusters are looking for and can leverage that knowledge to help ensure you get the payout from your insurance claim that you rightfully deserve. Before speaking with anyone from an insurance company following an accident, first contact the law office of John M. Totten, P.C. for an initial consultation to discuss your claim and your options in dealing with the insurance agencies