Social Security Disability

You’ve Paid into Social Security for Years—Get the Disability Benefits You’re Entitled To

What are you supposed to do when you become disabled and unable to work? How are you supposed to pay your bills and support your family? You’ve worked hard for years and paid into Social Security, so you are supposed to be able to receive benefits from that, right? Unfortunately, obtaining your rightful Social Security Disability benefits—known as Social Security Disability Insurance—is not a simple task. Claims are often denied, leaving you to handle the financial and emotional fallout of your inability to work and support yourself.

However, with the right amount of legal pressure, most workers are able to recover the SSDI benefits they need to survive when they are sick or injured and cannot work. Thanks to years of experience, Attorney John Totten knows what buttons to push and which avenues to pursue when it comes to obtaining the Social Security Disability benefits you are entitled to. Give us a call today at (256) 233-2025 to schedule your free consultation.