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We’ve represented thousands of individuals in various family, civil and criminal legal matters, and we are pleased to provide testimonials from past clients about their experiences working with John M. Totten, P.C. There’s a reason our firm is considered the go-to for North Alabama trial law, but please do not just take our word for it. We’re proud of our reputation, and proud of the work we’ve done for each person below. Read through their comments and if you like what you hear, we encourage you to reach out to us for help with your own personal legal challenges.

Here is what our clients have to say.

I came to Mr. Totten through high recommendation in what felt like my darkest hour. My character was being assassinated, I was removed (temporarily) from my children and felt like my world was being turned upside down! Mr. Totten and his staff Bridgett and Shelbie came to my rescue like the Avengers! They had such a calming spirit and reassurance that not only did they have my back, but that they were prepared to go to battle on my behalf! In moments of uncertainty and frustration it was Bridget’s calming spirit who would tell me “take a deep breath, you know who you are and know that you’re a great father, we’ve got you” Mr. Totten was always punctual for our appearances, organized and a true battle tested expert at his profession. Watching him in the court room was like watching Ken Griffey Jr. At the plate execute the “perfect swing.” When it was all said and done, I was awarded joint custody of my babies and just about every single thing we fought for we were able to lay claim too. I would not recommend any other law office for your legal needs! This group is certainly the best in the business and made what felt like the worst time of my life, truly a smooth transition into a brand new and rewarding beginning.


I just want to start off by saying that John Totten is the best lawyer in limestone county he is a great person his attitude is great he has helped me in so many ways he takes up the time out of his busy day to speak with me on the phone he never did hesitate if I ever had a question about anything he answered it with no problem no hesitation he’s just an outstanding phenomenal lawyer I highly recommend him to anyone and if you don’t hire Mr. John Totten to be your lawyer then you are making a mistake John Totten once again is the best lawyer in limestone county he will help anybody with his good heart he doesn’t mind at all if you need anything he is always there he helped me with my case and he also helped me beat it he kept his word on everything and now I get to enjoy life thank you, John Totten, for being such a great lawyer and doing a phenomenal job and thank you for what you have helped me with! Y’all go see Mr. John Totten today or give him a call if you need a great lawyer he is there ready and waiting for his next client! I will forever use John Totten.


Thanks for all you did for me. Thanks for representing me, but most of all, thanks for counseling me. You’re the best!

Fred & Katherine B.

I had a very tricky – messy custody battle. John handled my case with ease. Very professional no worries. He took every obstacle & turned in our favor. No doubt the best lawyer in Athens, Alabama.

We are beyond blessed for John Totten, Bridgett & Shelby. They were fast and very responsive to the case. All questions and concerns were taken care of immediately. I highly recommend John Totten & staff to get the job done and done quickly.

Cynthia Pack

I hired Mr. Totten for my divorce which was originally set up as uncontested but after some time moved to contested. He, along with the rest of his staff, were very professional and handled everything in a timely matter. They were easy to reach, communicated clearly, explained everything in detail, prepared the paperwork for review quickly, and stayed on top of everything better than I could have asked.

I never thought hiring a lawyer could be so smooth and simple. I am extremely grateful for the ease. Working with this law firm took all the stress off of me and helped my divorce go smoothly.

Just stopping by to give you an update to let you know things have been great with my children and family since I’ve received your services. I just want to tell you how humble and grateful i am for you for representing me and my family. My children have been able to have a stress free summer with going into the new school year this year. I pray all is well with you’re staff and your own personal families to be abundantly blessed.


Mr. Totten makes you feel heard and understood. He is a great lawyer! He handled my divorce and I walked away with what I wanted! Bridget is also amazing! She was always there to answer all my questions! I would highly recommend him!

Kristen Head

John Totten was like Mighty Mouse…here he came to save the day…😁 during his representation of my case! I’ve known Bridget for a long time.
She was very professional also! Shelbie was a SWEETHEART! Thanks so much for a job well done!!!!!

Eva Jarrett