No Drug Charge is “Minor”

In the eyes of the law and the general public, drug charges in Alabama are not just a legal matter but also a pivotal moment that can redefine the trajectory of your life. At our law firm, we understand the gravity of these charges, whether misdemeanor or felony, and the profound impact they can have on every facet of your life. The idea that any drug charge could be considered "minor" is not just misleading—it's Read More

Why the Moments After Your Car Crash Are Crucial

The aftermath of a car accident is, frankly, too late to be asking what you should be doing next. It’s important to prepare yourself before you ever find yourself in this position on the side of an Alabama road after an accident. By the time the question crosses your mind, it's usually not the time for research, especially if there are injuries involved. What you do in the immediate aftermath of an Alabama car Read More

The Legal Implications Of Paternity In Alabama

When discussing paternity, we are looking at the legal relationship between a father and their child. This is how you secure your parental rights. Fathers who have children out of wedlock must establish paternity because it is a means of securing custodial rights. By having a basic understanding of paternity rights, you protect yourself and your child against various circumstances.  Does Every Father Need to Read More

Workplace Injuries: Workers’ Compensation vs. Personal Injury Claims

Thousands of workplace injury incidents are reported annually in Alabama. Understanding your rights and the steps following an injury is crucial for protecting yourself, especially in terms of your financial future. In Alabama, there are laws to support workers injured on the job. They provide you with routes for workers' compensation and, in certain situations, personal injury claims. Knowing what to do and how to Read More

Can I Remain Silent At A Traffic Stop?

  When you're pulled over by the police while driving, it can be nerve-wracking. You may find yourself questioning whether you did wrong. Many people don’t realize how unaware they are of their rights until they are in this position. Understanding your rights in specific scenarios is a means of protecting yourself and your rights. This includes knowing when you have the option to stay silent. Being aware Read More

What To Document When Modifying A Custody Arrangement

After your divorce has been finalized, you may have to deal with significant changes regarding the family. Some of which may lead to adjusting or modifying your custody agreements. For instance, someone may need to relocate, there could be a change regarding educational needs, or a parent may be unable to care for the child. Amending custody requires you to go through the court, so you should have the appropriate Read More

The Impact of Social Media On Family Law Cases

One of the most appealing (and potentially dangerous) elements of social media—especially when viewed through the context of a family law case—is how accessible it is. It is a microphone that allows you to make announcements to people instantly. Social media in our homes, on our phones, and part of our daily lives. You may turn to social media when you are going through emotional challenges during a divorce. Creating Read More

Protecting Your Claim After A Workplace Injury

By taking the time to read this now, you are protecting yourself. Getting hurt at work could happen in any setting, from a slip and fall, handling machinery, or various other incidents. Knowing the proper steps to take afterward is crucial. This article outlines key actions to consider immediately after experiencing a workplace injury and adds insights into what follows regarding recovery and dealing with Read More

Steps For Expunging Your Criminal Record

Having a criminal record can limit opportunities. Records can impact everything from job prospects to housing applications. However, people may be paying for their past crimes longer than they need to. A process called expungement offers people a chance to build a better future. It allows certain criminal records to be erased from public view. When your record is expunged successfully, you can move forward without Read More

Pedestrian Accidents: Legal Rights and Recovery

Thousands of pedestrian incidents occur annually. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's 2022 report, they stated that there were 6,721 pedestrian fatalities, and there were more than 75,000 injuries. These figures speak to the importance of pedestrian safety and having a cursory understanding of your rights (and what you can do) if you are involved in one. Pedestrian Rights in Read More