5 Back to School Tips for Recently Divorced Parents

For most of America, this back-to-school season will be unlike any other. The majority of children will be going back to school in person this fall, after spending close to two years learning virtually. Some children may even be attending school in person for the first time ever after entering school during the pandemic.

For divorced parents, the shift may be even more stark. The pandemic has allowed a lot of families to focus on what is important. In doing that, a lot of couples have realized they’ve had enough. For newly divorced and currently divorcing parents, we’ve compiled back-to-school tips to make the transition a simpler one:

Make a Shared Calendar

If you don’t already have one, use back-to-school as an opportunity to create a shared virtual calendar for your child’s schedule. This can help clarify whose turn it is to drop them off or pick them up. You can also plan for any after school activities or events coming up.

Let the Teachers Know

This is particularly important for recently divorced parents who were very hands-on with their child’s school prior to the pandemic. It is important to let the school and your child’s teachers know that you are now divorced and create expectations for your child’s new living situation. Try to still attend parent/teacher conferences together if possible.

Keep One Backpack

When young children are living in two separate houses, it can be easier to keep two of some things: toothbrushes, pillows, pajamas. When it comes to their backpack, however, they should only have one and learn to carry it back and forth between houses. This will make sure everyone is on the same page with homework and help instill some personal responsibility.

Plan for Days Off

Whether it is a teacher workday or a snow day, kids get days off of school all the time. The days off are sometimes expected and sometimes surprising. Set a plan with your co-parent for what to do on the planned days and create an emergency plan for what to do if you get the call that your child is unexpectedly out of school.

Ask For Help

At John M. Totten, P.C., we know that heading back to school in person is going to be a major adjustment for many Alabama families. If you need help with your divorce or other family law needs, contact John M. Totten, P.C. today! Good people need good lawyers… so give us a call today!

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