Successful Co-Parenting: Making the Most Out of the Summer Months


The summer months are often among the most challenging for co-parents in Alabama. Your child has more free time on their hands with school out which means not only do they need more activities on their calendar but also need engaging activities that demand the attention of their parents.

It’s important to focus on having an effective co-parenting plan and sticking to it while being flexible when plans change quickly. You have a lot to take care of in your own life, so juggling all of this is a necessary part of being a parent, let alone a co-parent. We want to help guide Alabama co-parents to a successful summer.

Communication is Crucial for Co-parents

Effective communication is the most important element of a successful co-parenting summer plan. Whether you maintain an amicable relationship with your ex or communicate through third parties, being willing to keep each other informed is crucial.

Need to adjust visitation dates? Communicate early to find common ground or look at alternatives. Does your child keep asking about wanting to do something that would impact schedules? Communicate! While not every request will be feasible, communicating early allows you both to make adjustments if necessary.

Have a Co-Parenting Plan and Stick To It Whenever Possible

You already have a court order that lays out the visitation schedule for the summer in Alabama. It’s important that all parties involved make an effort to stick to it. We noted above that it’s important to communicate when things change, and they inevitably will, but it’s important not to attempt to change the schedule for small or avoidable reasons.

Your co-parenting plan was either mutually agreed upon or set by the court for a reason. The more you’re able to stick to it and show that you value your time with your child, the better chances you have of seeing increased time in the future (or not losing the time you have).

Consider Making Plans Together

A collaborative approach to co-parenting, though challenging in many situations, is a big benefit to your children. Co-parents can create a sense of stability and familiarity by attending events or even vacations together. This approach shows unity and prioritizes your child’s needs above the personal differences you have with your ex. By fostering a cooperative environment, parents can provide a reassuring presence during transitions as well as setting a good example.

Talk to an Alabama Family Law Attorney If Things Go Wrong

Inevitably, co-parenting issues may arise, disrupting summer plans. Whether it’s due to scheduling conflicts or disagreements, it’s important to address these issues in an effective and adult manner. At John M. Totten, P.C., we help Alabama families through all stages of the divorce or separation process. If issues arise this summer that impact your Alabama child custody or visitation agreement, a modification may be necessary.

Our experienced attorneys have helped numerous Alabama families resolve disputes and ensure the best interests of the child are prioritized during all times of the year. If you encounter issues that feel unresolvable this summer, contact our law office in Athens, Alabama.

John M. Totten