Self-Defense Laws: When and How Can You Legally Protect Yourself?

Based on principle, it is widely accepted that a person can protect themselves from harm given certain circumstances, even if the act would typically be considered unlawful. Under the United States legal system, states allow defendants to claim self-defense if they are accused of a violent crime. However, from one state to another, the exact rules on self-defense vary. What Is Considered Read More

The Impact of Social Media on Divorce and Custody Cases

Social media can be used for many positive reasons, but oftentimes it can negatively impact relationships. Even though it has only been in our daily lives for around a decade, social media has an influence on everything nowadays, from pop culture to divorce cases. What Risks Are Involved: Private and Public Posts Social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and LinkedIn, and many others Read More

How Will My Criminal Record Impact My Alabama Child Custody Case?

Child custody battles in Alabama often exhaust both parties. You may need to fight for every moment with your child after your divorce or split which often requires digging deep into the dirt. In some cases, the cards are stacked against you – especially if you have a notable criminal record. Alabama family courts will always favor the best interest of the child. This means whatever best serves, protects, and Read More

Is Ignorance a Valid Legal Defense?

One of the age-old questions in law is whether or not someone can be held accountable for breaking the law if they did not know they were doing so. Most people understand the answer is generally no, but it’s still something people try each and every day when accused of a crime – not realizing it’s essentially an admittance of guilt. Ignorance will rarely be the best legal defense, but it does not mean you should Read More

Recovering Lost Income for Self-Employed Workers After a Serious Injury

The biggest task for injured Alabamians, besides physically and mentally recovering, is getting the money they deserve from the responsible party. It is not too difficult to see why compensation is so important for those who suffer a serious personal injury—medical bills often reach into the tens of thousands (if not hundreds of thousands).  Compounding this problem for many injured people is their inability to Read More

Role of a Guardian Ad Litem in Alabama Family Law

Any family law case involving children may use a specialized  legal professional known as a guardian ad litem. A guardian ad litem, or GAL, is geared to advocate for the best interests of the child to whom they are assigned to represent. Because children lack the agency to speak for themselves and secure legal representation, judges often assign a GAL in family law cases—particularly those wherein the matters Read More

Don’t Underestimate the Extent of Your Injuries After an Accident

No matter where we are in life, our physical health will almost always be at or near the top of our priority lists. Unfortunately, we are not always in total control of our own physical health – especially in the event of a car, slip-and-fall, or other accident. Exposing ourselves to various physical dangers is a necessity of daily life. When we suffer a personal injury from an accident, it can throw off many Read More

Why it is Essential That You Fight False Domestic Violence Accusations

When going through a difficult time in a relationship, people can do and say things that are unacceptable. While using violence is never the answer, it is also important everyone knows that filing false domestic violence accusations is extremely damaging. If someone has accused you of domestic violence, it can cause huge problems for you today and long into the future. Challenging these charges and pushing back Read More

Never Let Police in Your Home Without a Warrant

If you have ever had the police come knocking at your door, you know that this can be a scary and stressful experience. After all, they don’t generally come to deliver good news. When faced with this situation, it can be hard to know what to do. While your specific response will depend largely on why they are there, the one thing that will apply to all situations is that you should not let them in your house Read More

When You Need A Lawyer & When You Don’t

  A common Google search is “do I need a lawyer?” Whatever legal issue someone is facing, that is one of the first questions that pops into their mind. So, how do you decide whether or not to hire a lawyer? As a law firm, we believe in the power of representation. For us, it’s not just a slogan but a theory that everyone deserves to be empowered by a legal team who has their back. We lean toward the side Read More