The Differences Between Burglary, Robbery, and Theft

The best criminal defense is based in a knowledge-first approach. Ignorance isn’t a valid defense in just about any criminal case, so if you know the law before you even potentially commit a crime you’ll be better equipped to avoid committing any crimes in the first place. So, in the name of educating our clients, we want to provide some clarity on three different crimes people often use interchangeably: burglary, Read More

How Prison Impacts Divorce in Alabama

Divorce looks different for just about every couple. We understand no circumstance is the same, and there are different pasts, presents, and futures to consider in each relationship. Many clients think a spouse in prison will make the process a lot easier, and the state of Alabama actually recognizes imprisonment as grounds for divorce. However, there are specific parameters to be met before imprisonment can be Read More

What to Do If You’re Given Bad Medical Advice

America’s healthcare system is expensive, often hard to navigate, and constantly touted as the world’s best. However, an estimated 250,000 people die every year due to medical malpractice. That’s a shockingly high number, so it’s important to know your options should you ever receive bad medical advice that puts your health at risk. Get a second or third opinion If you’re going through a major medical episode, Read More

Understanding New Expungement Laws in Alabama

Criminal charges can hang on your record forever, impacting your chances of getting certain jobs and putting your financial freedom at risk. Single charges can often snowball into a longer rap sheet once the system fails you. Thankfully, there are avenues of getting certain charges removed through expungement, and a recent change in Alabama law is giving more people a chance to wipe away charges from the past. The Read More

The 7 Types of Elder Abuse To Watch For

Elders in our community should be treated with respect. They should be elevated and protected and adequately provided for throughout the rest of their lives. The sad reality is that elders are often more vulnerable than many other members of society. They are often open to suffering abuse, especially when placed in a nursing home, and are frequently unwilling or unable to be honest about their experiences with their Read More

4 Ways To Start Moving On After a Divorce

The first few months of a new year often feel like a fresh start. This can ring especially true for those who have just gotten out of a bad marriage. To begin with: congratulations! Divorce is just as common and natural as marriage. Getting to the other side of it intact is an accomplishment, and you should be proud of yourself. You just might find yourself wondering: What happens now? Moving on after a divorce Read More

5 DUI Myths

If you have been pulled over on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI), you may have many preconceived notions and other misconceptions about what to expect next.  Fortunately, when you have a dedicated DUI attorney at the law firm of John M. Totten, P.C. representing you, you can better understand your rights, how to exercise them, and how to best handle yourself when you are stopped and accused of drunk Read More

Can I Move Out Of State After My Divorce?

When your divorce has finally been settled, and you are ready to move forward with your life, you may be wondering whether you are legally allowed to move out of state.  If you and your ex did not share children, you have the right to move wherever you like. However, if you and your ex share children, moving out of state may prove to be more challenging than you might have thought. A respected Alabama family Read More

Criminal Charges & Background Investigations Mistakes

In Alabama, your employers may choose to conduct a background investigation on you before receiving an offer of employment. If you have a criminal record, a current or potential employer may be able to see them. The laws that govern the use of your criminal record are outlined on both a state and federal level.  Federal laws exist to ensure accuracy. Is it possible that a new employer may see someone else’s Read More

Planning For Your Financial Future During A Divorce

One of the most challenging aspects of the process is that it may be challenging to plan out your future because so much of your life is in flux. A divorce is life-altering. The future you envisioned for yourself is changing. That doesn’t mean for the worse or better; it is just different. Not knowing how your marital assets will be divided puts you in a difficult position. How can you plan when you don’t have a Read More