4 Common Medical Errors That Can Result in a Malpractice Lawsuit

When visiting the doctor’s office or hospital, we put our trust in the hands of the doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals. In many cases, we are in a very vulnerable situation due to an injury or illness and are relying on the medical professionals to provide the necessary care so we can fully recover. While the medical professionals do an excellent job in the vast majority of cases, there are times when Read More

Personal Injury Law: Understanding Alabama’s Premises Liability Laws

If you have experienced an injury while on someone else’s property, you will need to have a good understanding of the premises liability laws in Alabama. These are the laws that explain what responsibilities a property owner has to maintain their premises so that it is safe for everyone who comes onto the property. These laws can apply to individual property owners, businesses that own or operate on a property, or Read More

Understanding the Difference Between Contested and Uncontested Divorce in Alabama

When going through a divorce, there are many options for how you can proceed. One of the most important is going to be whether you get a contested or an uncontested divorce. While this won’t be entirely up to you, it is important to understand the differences between these two options so you can prepare for whatever comes your way. Understanding a Contested Divorce in Alabama A contested divorce in Alabama is Read More

5 Ways to Help Your Kids Adjust to Life Following Divorce

When a couple goes through a divorce, it is a very traumatic experience. It is important to keep in mind, however, that it is a painful event for everyone in the family, not just the couple who ended the marriage. When parents get a divorce, just about every aspect of their kid's lives will also be impacted. What’s worse is that they typically feel like they have no control over the situation, which can make it hard Read More

4 Steps to Immediately Take Following a Car Accident

Getting into a car accident is a frightening experience. If you or a loved gets into an auto accident, it is important to take the right steps in order to protect your legal rights. Of course, the first thing that should be done is get whatever medical treatment is necessary for yourself, your passengers, and anyone who is in the other vehicles. Once you have confirmed that everyone is physically ok, start walking Read More

6 Tips for Dealing with Insurance Adjusters

When you file a claim with your insurance company, they may want to investigate what happened before they make any sort of payment. They do this to help reduce the risk of insurance fraud and to lower the amount they have to pay out. Their investigation is performed by someone known as an insurance adjuster who will come out and talk with you about what happened and look at the damage that is involved with the claim. Read More

5 Ways to Limit Divorce Stress

Going through a divorce is a stressful experience. While you may not be able to avoid the added stress that comes with a divorce, there are a variety of things you can do to reduce the overall stress levels in your life and put your mind and body in a position to deal with existing stress in a healthy way. The following are five proven ways to reduce the stress in your life while going through a divorce. Start (or Read More

Stop the Violence: What to Do if You are a Victim of Domestic Abuse

Domestic violence is a terrible crime, and one that can affect you not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. If you have children, the abuse can quickly turn on them as well. Even if your partner never physically hurts the children, they are also victims because they have to witness these types of events. While it can sometimes seem hopeless, there are things you can do to protect yourself and your Read More

Injured in a Slip-and-Fall? 5 Steps to Take Immediately to Protect Your Claim

Slip and fall injuries occur suddenly and can cause very serious damage to your body. If you or a loved one has experienced this type of accident, you need to make sure you are taking the right steps to not only recover medically, but also protect your legal rights. In many instances, slip-and-fall accidents are caused by the negligence of another party, and you can file a lawsuit to get compensated for your injuries Read More

Pulled Over for a DUI? Here’s What to Expect

If you’re driving and see the blue and red lights flashing in the rear view mirror, it can be a very frightening experience. This is compounded if you have been drinking, or even if the officer just suspects that you have. Whether you were drinking or not, knowing what to expect when pulled over on suspicion of a DUI is key so you can get the best result possible. Your actions at this time will not only determine Read More