Staying Safe On the Streets This Halloween

Halloween is a holiday of spirits, costumes, parties, and scares. Unfortunately, some people take advantage of the celebrations, hiding behind a mask to commit crimes on the streets of Alabama. We’ll inevitably get calls in the days that follow from people looking for a criminal defense attorney for one thing or another, so we want to give you a heads up and make sure you and your family stay safe this time of Read More

When Can I Sue For A Dog Bite?

You likely landed on this blog because you’ve either been bitten by someone’s dog, are nervous you might be bitten by someone’s dog, or you’re an owner looking to protect yourself. Regardless of where you’re coming from, we want to help you understand how Alabama’s dog bite laws work and when you can actually take action against the dog’s owner. After all, more than 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs each year and Read More

Crafting a Back-to-School Parenting Plan

This time of year means a lot of schedule changes for families in Alabama. School is back in session and kids are off to school and have extracurricular activities to attend to. All the freedom and time off that comes with the summer months has come to an end which means families need to adjust to new schedules. When you’re divorced or separated with a child between you and your ex, the situation can be a bit more Read More

Misconceptions About On-the-Job Accidents

When you’re injured on the job in Alabama, it can upend your life and your ability to put in the hard hours you put in each and every day for yourself and your family. Nobody wants to be forced out of work because of an injury, but workplace injuries add complicated layers to the way you’re compensated and how recovery will look. It’s important to know the facts about workplace injuries so your insurance and your Read More

What are my options if my ex isn’t following our custody order?

Your ex’s refusal to follow the child custody order is interfering with your ability to see your child. What will you do next? It’s a stressful situation for any parent, but thankfully, there are ways to remedy the situation. Before filing any papers with the court, there are several steps you can take to collect the evidence needed to prove your case. You should take photographs and keep detailed records of the Read More

A Breakdown of Miranda Rights

Miranda Rights are a set of constitutional rights that were created to protect the rights of individuals under custodial interrogation by the police in the United States. They were first outlined in the case Miranda v. Arizona (1966), in which the Supreme Court ruled that statements made in police interrogations may not be admitted as evidence unless the person being interrogated knowingly waived their rights after Read More

When Can My Child Custody Order Be Modified?

When you go through a divorce and children are involved, the ensuing custody battle can get ugly. It’s important for parents to be involved and normal for them to fight for the right to raise their kids. In many cases, neither parent gets what they want out of the custody ordeal, but it’s important to remember that custody orders aren’t final. If you are looking to earn more time with your kids or are hoping to Read More

Know Your Rights While Out on Probation in Alabama

When you’re sentenced for misdemeanor or felony charges in Alabama, your punishment will often include probation time. This period is an alternative to additional jail time that lets you serve your sentence at home and in public with certain restrictions in place. Unfortunately, we know issues arise that could further put your freedom in jeopardy during this time. We handle probation cases where your rights are Read More

Should You Stay Together for the Kids?

Divorce has far-reaching impacts on the whole family. This unavoidable fact is further reinforced when there are children involved. The modern family may take any form, but children born into a home with two parents will have to cope with the separation of their parents. Because of this, it’s imperative to consider the needs and future of your children when your relationship falters. Many couples decide to stick Read More

Why It’s Imperative to Contact an Attorney Immediately After a Truck Accident

Attorney John M. Totten, P.C., has extensive experience and inside knowledge of the challenges truckers, trucking companies, and insurance companies face in the aftermath of truck accidents. Unlike other accidents on the road, accidents involving semis or tractor-trailers are governed by different standards and carry an exponential risk for serious injuries. It’s important to contact an attorney following any Read More