Why it is Essential That You Fight False Domestic Violence Accusations

When going through a difficult time in a relationship, people can do and say things that are unacceptable. While using violence is never the answer, it is also important everyone knows that filing false domestic violence accusations is extremely damaging.

If someone has accused you of domestic violence, it can cause huge problems for you today and long into the future. Challenging these charges and pushing back against them is essential for protecting your legal rights as well as your reputation.

People Have an Assumption of Guilt

While everyone knows the phrase, “innocent until proven guilty” it doesn’t really apply in the minds of many people when it comes to domestic violence. You may be able to get out of the charges in a courtroom, but the social impacts of an accusation can last beyond your case. Defending yourself and getting the facts out there will be important for your reputation.

A DV Conviction Will Stay With You

If you are charged with any type of domestic violence and are found guilty or plead guilty, it will remain on your record going forward. In most situations, this is something you would have to disclose on job applications, volunteer requests, and much more. Even if you were unjustly found guilty or you plead guilty to try to get past the situation fast, it will have devastating consequences.

Can be Used During a Divorce or Custody Case

A sad reality that exists today is that when going through a divorce or child custody dispute, one party will often accuse the other of domestic violence or request a restraining order due to an accusation of violence that never really occurred. The family courts will take these claims into consideration when determining things like custody arrangements, parenting time, child support, and much more. Even if you haven’t been found guilty at all, just the charges can cause huge issues.

If your domestic violence charges are eventually dropped or you are found not guilty, the family courts will still often keep the existing orders in place. The judge may say that this is what the child is used to now, so it would be difficult for them to have it changed.

Fighting Aggressively from the Start

Given the fact that these types of false charges occur so often and can be so devastating, it is absolutely essential that you take them seriously. If you have been charged or accused of domestic violence, or even if someone is simply threatening to make a formal accusation, you need to respond immediately. As soon as something like this happens, you should contact an attorney who will help guide you on what steps to take to protect your reputation and your legal interests.

In most cases, this will involve things like preparing an effective defense if legal charges have been made, recording interactions going forward, notifying friends and family of the false accusations, and more.

We are Here for You

If you have been falsely accused of domestic violence, or you think that your soon-to-be ex might make false accusations, you need an attorney who can help you right away. Contact John M. Totten, Attorney at Law to schedule a consultation and get the specific assistance you need in an Alabama domestic violence case.

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