How a Prenuptial Agreement is a Sign of Trust

We understand the long journey love takes to get to your wedding day. It takes a lot of commitment, compassion, and maybe most importantly: trust. So, after you’ve decided to get married in Alabama isn’t a prenuptial agreement (commonly referred to as a prenup) a sign you don’t trust your partner? After all, nobody should be thinking about divorce when they’re about to get married. That’s a common misconception we want to overcome.

You Trust Each Other Enough to Have Difficult Conversations

A prenup can be a difficult topic to bring up. It’s a mutual agreement, but it’s often one partner or the other that suggests them. There’s nothing wrong with the conversation or wanting to create a prenup. We have seen too many couples who are uncomfortable having tough conversations.

Those couples often end up coming to us to file a divorce.

The best way to broach the subject is to be honest and empathetic. You know your partner best, so it will be up to you to determine the best timing for the conversation and how you approach it. We do believe you may be better off having the conversation earlier in your relationship, so it doesn’t cause any turbulence after you’re engaged and put your relationship at risk.

You’re Able to Set Healthy Boundaries

Boundaries are an important part of every relationship, and they look different from couple to couple. A prenup is a type of boundary that legally establishes who owns what and what your habits, desires, and intentions are.

A prenup in Alabama can outline what belongings will be exempt from divorce proceedings, who owns specific debts, how spousal support will be handled, and certain spousal responsibilities. If you and your partner agree to a prenup, it gives you both legal backing to boundaries you’ve already agreed to.

You are committing to caring about each other, even in divorce

Divorce is a messy process. While some couples are able to split amicably, the process of splitting assets, debts, and other marital commitments can get ugly. The best way to make the process smoother is to sign a prenup and protect your relationship from the ugly legal proceedings that surround divorce.

Marriage is a commitment we don’t want couples to take lightly, which is why a prenup should be part of any such commitment. And remember: these agreements are flexible as long as you and your partner mutually agree to make changes. If you and your partner are ready to come up with a pre or postnuptial agreement, contact Attorney John M. Totten Attorney.

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