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We’ve represented thousands of individuals in various family, civil and criminal legal matters, and we are pleased to provide testimonials from past clients about their experiences working with John M. Totten, P.C. There’s a reason our firm is considered the go-to for North Alabama trial law, but please do not just take our word for it. We’re proud of our reputation, and proud of the work we’ve done for each person below. Read through their comments and if you like what you hear, we encourage you to reach out to us for help with your own personal legal challenges.

Here is what our clients have to say.

I highly recommend Mr. Totten and his firm. He and his staff were wonderful to work with. He and his paralegal, Bridget, were both knowledgeable, personable, and very efficient with my case. Each and every time I contacted them, I received a very timely response with relevant knowledge and information vital to my question. He and Bridget both answered all my questions throughout each of the steps in the modification process, including the discovery, deposition, and actual trial day and were absolutely wonderful to work with. Mr. Totten worked to reach an agreement that was beneficial to both me and my children and was relentless in his objective for the best possible outcome. If there had been a trial vs. an agreement, he was well prepared and had discussed all possible outcomes and options with me. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Mr. Totten, Bridget, and also Alicia, who always directed me to who I needed at the time. If you are looking for an attorney and staff who are vested in your situation and your best interests, look no further than Mr. Totten and staff.


I can’t thank Mr. Totten and his staff enough for the handling of our custody case for my husbands young daughter. Due to the expertise of Mr. Totten in the court room and in advance to that we were added to the short list of father’s who won custody of their child. This wasn’t an easy case to handle and I don’t think another law office would have handled our case as well. Thanks so much Mr. Totten, Bridget, and staff.


Mr. Totten and his staff made the most terrifying – life changing – miserable time of my life bearable and showed me dreams do come true. They were always there – step by step – reassuring me that they had my back and would protect me. I would not have made it through that time of my life without them. I would highly recommend Mr. Totten everyday of the week and twice on Sunday. God Bless him and his staff.


I hired Totten for my divorce and his team answered my questions and did what was in the best interest for me.


I met with John to stop an abuser having access to my kid. There were a lot of run arounds and plans changing but John and his team were always on top of it. It made it so worth it in the end.

Everyone was professional and very helpful! Bridget is amazing!!!


John helped me through a very difficult time. My sister had suddenly passed away at the age of 27 with no spouse and no one appointed to make decisions regarding her remains. My sisters father was her immediate legal decision maker according to the state of Alabama. Her father was estranged from her and was not capable of making those decisions but would not pass those rights over to me, her next in line legal decision maker. John walked me through the process of obtaining those rights, even going so far as to getting me in front of the Limestone Probate Judge to here my case. He stopped short of nothing to speed up the process as quickly as possible to ensure that matters were dealt with in timely manner. Due to John’s expertise, the probate judge sided with me and I was able to lay my sister to rest in peace, according to her wishes. Thank you John for everything that you and your associates did. During a time of complete chaos and pain, you and your associates were able to help calm not only myself but my sisters remaining family and we were able to see that she was laid to rest with dignity.


Dear Mr. Totten and Bridgett: Thank you so much for all your help during this difficult time. My experience with you has been pleasant and professional. I would highly recommend your services to all my family and friends. Again, thank you. Your hard work and professionalism has meant so much.


Mr. Totten, Thank you for representing me during this extremely difficult and emotional time and for conveying the facts of my case so effectively in court. As a mother, I cannot thank you enough! This ruling has made such a difference in my son’s life. He now has hope for a bright and successful future and to grow to become the person that God designed him to be. Thanks again!


John and his staff are very knowledgeable about the laws. They took time with my case. They were friendly, compassionate and truly seemed to care about what the end result was for me and my family. Thank you for a job well done!