4 Signs of Financial Exploitation of an Elder

There are some people in society who are not above anything in order to line their pockets. One such action includes financially exploiting the elderly -- vulnerable people who are parents, grandparents, and loved ones. There are countless reasons why society’s elderly population is prime for financial exploitation. Our firm wanted to provide you with some ways that financial exploitation might show itself in your Read More

4 Ways to Strengthen Your Personal Injury Case

You have enough responsibility after a devastating personal injury touches the lives of you or a loved one. From critical first aid to recovery and rehabilitation, your plate will be full in the immediate aftermath of your injury. There are a few things to keep in mind, though, in order to make sure you have the best chance at getting a fair payout if you plan on filing a lawsuit.  Receive medical attention Read More

5 Red Flags That Your Marriage is in Trouble

Every marriage and relationship is unique. Something that might be a problem in your friend’s marriage might not be a big deal in yours at all. Even with respect to the nuances of each romantic relationship, there are some issues that stand out no matter what. Within a marriage, we refer to these issues in this as “red flags.” Below, we have outlined five of them that should get your attention and have you seriously Read More

4 Emotions You May Experience During Your Divorce

Though nearly half of all marriages in the U.S. end in divorce, making the affair a common occurrence, it is still a major life event. Couples who legally terminate their marriage are going to experience a range of intense emotions. It does not matter whether you are going through a contested or uncontested divorce, whether the split was expected or not, or how long you have been married – you will need a good amount Read More

4 Parties Who May Be Liable in a Trucking Accident

An auto accident involving two passenger vehicles is scary enough and, chances, are you have been involved in one or more during your lifetime. The result of such a collision is usually a simple fender-bender, and the two drivers often follow the accepted protocols (exchanging information, taking pictures, etc.) and resolve the issue fairly quickly. Accidents involving 18-wheelers and large trucks are quite Read More

Impacts of Criminal Conviction on Rest of Your LIfe

Once you’re arrested on criminal charges, your focus immediately shifts to the prospect of a prison sentence and time away from your family, and rightly so. If you are convicted, then you have little choice but to satisfy the penalties levied against you. After you have paid your debt, then you might have the expectation that life can, more or less, return to normal.  Unfortunately, that expectation is almost Read More

4 Tips for Helping Kids Adjust to Splitting Time Between Houses

Hopefully, you can sigh a little bit in relief after your Alabama divorce agreement has been finalized. You won’t get long to rest on your laurels, though, because there is a whole new normal waiting for you. And, if you have children, it will likely involve plenty of encounters with your ex as long as your kids are splitting time between the two houses. You might still be feeling bitter or angry at your ex about the Read More

Understanding the Administrative License Suspension after a DUI

After a DUI arrest, you essentially have two cases before that you need to worry about – the criminal DUI case and the administrative case that deals with the suspension of your license. Apart from having a DUI conviction on your record and the possibility of jail time, another significant stressor is losing the ability to drive to and from work, to pick your children up from school or daycare, and other major Read More

Assumption of Risk Explained

During a personal injury case, one defense that may be raised in order to prevent a payout to the injured party is the assumption of risk affirmative defense. The underlying assertion bolstering this legal doctrine is that in some personal-injury situations, the victim understood that a potential for injury existed and still subjected him or herself to the potential danger. Therefore, the plaintiff, not the Read More

Getting Compensated for Loss of Consortium Damages in a Personal Injury Lawsuit

In addition to compensation for medical bills and lost wages, victims of a serious personal injury that arises from someone else’s negligence can also pursue non-economic damages. One example of a non-economic damage is loss of consortium. This type of claim is also referred to as “loss of affection” and may be pursued by members of a victim’s family and other loved ones who are close to the victim. If the victim Read More