8 Tips for Bicycle Safety

Bicycles have been a popular transportation option since 1817. They’re a healthier option for the environment and personal health. They’re beloved by children, many of whose first real achievement is learning how to ride one. In the middle of a pandemic, they are a safer big city travel method than public transportation. In a troubling statistic, however, almost a thousand bicyclists are killed in traffic collisions almost every year. That is obviously a much lower number than automobile accidents, but far higher than it should be.

Much of bicycle safety rests in the hands of automobile drivers, but there is still a lot that bicyclists can do to be proactive. Here are our eight tips for bicycle safety:

  1. Wear a helmet! What else could number one be? If you ever leave your house on a bicycle, make sure you are wearing a helmet! In some states, it’s the law!
  2. Stay in the line of sight. It can be tempting to want to avoid the path of others, but it is important to at least stay within the sightline of automobile drivers. Those behind the wheel are more likely to be cautious if they can see you than if they’re not sure where you went.
  3. Wear high visibility clothing! Most cyclists think of this when riding at night, but it is important no matter the time of day. Bright colors are helpful, as are reflective items.
  4. Ride with others! Whether it’s one friend or a team, riding in packs is fun and helps improve your visibility to others!
  5. Get rear view mirrors! These helpful tools can be installed on your handlebars or even your helmet. They are great for navigating popular roads and turns.
  6. Carry a phone and identification! If there was an accident, make sure you have a way for others to identify you or contact emergency services!
  7. Carry water with you! It is important to stay hydrated, especially on long rides!
  8. Use body language to communicate! You can indicate to those around you which way you’re going to turn with your hands, and use other body language as well. It may feel like overkill, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Staying safe is important when using any sort of vehicle, but especially on a bicycle! If you have had an issue with personal injury, contact John M. Totten, P.C. today! You deserve nothing less than the best!

John M. Totten