3 Reasons to Get an Uncontested Divorce in Alabama

Legally speaking, there are two kinds of divorce in Alabama: contested and uncontested. Contested divorce is probably what comes to mind when you hear the word “divorce.” It involves two spouses, each represented by their attorneys, arguing their side in front of a Judge who ultimately rules about how much money each spouse gets and who gets to keep the kids during the week. Contested divorce is every newlywed couple’s worst nightmare.

There is another option: uncontested divorce. In Alabama, uncontested divorce is where the two spouses work together to decide the post-divorce arrangements for themselves. There are some requirements for it: you must have lived in Alabama for at least six months, you must ultimately agree on all fronts, and you must both be willing to sign all the paperwork. If all of those things line up, here are the 3 reasons to get an uncontested divorce instead of a contested one:

  1. You Get the Final Say

While you can argue your side in a contested divorce, the final say rests in the hand of a Judge. Uncontested divorce puts your future back into your own hands. You have to negotiate a solution with your ex-spouse that will make both of you happy, but then you end up with a ruling that both of you collaborated on. It gives you the final say on what your living situation looks like going forward.

  1. The Process is Much Faster

Contested divorces can take years from filing to being finalized in Alabama. The uncontested divorce process also begins by filing paperwork. After everything has been signed and submitted, there is a thirty day waiting period before a Judge will approve the divorce. Once that has passed, you’re done! Uncontested divorce allows your divorce to happen in a couple of months instead of a couple years. It lets you move on like you should as soon as possible.

  1. Protecting Your Family

Uncontested divorce is significantly cheaper than contested divorce, which helps financially protect everyone involved. Spending less on the divorce process allows you to adjust more easily to post-divorce life, which always brings with it big financial shifts. Uncontested divorce also typically helps lessen the emotional trauma involved, since you are agreeing to work together with your ex-spouse and the process moves so much more quickly.

Ask For Help!

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