Is it Time to Get a Divorce?

The New Year is the time where most people assess where their life is and what direction they want to move in going forward. You’ve successfully survived the holidays, and now you’re looking at a vast landscape of time and wondering what you should make out of it. For many couples, this is the time that they decide to get a divorce.

Divorce is a long and complicated process. It is not something to be taken lightly, but for many couples, it is the best option for all parties involved. It can lead to healing and new beginnings. Some couples get along much better after their divorce than they did before. Some couples just never speak to each other again. No matter what your case may be, deciding to take that first step can take careful consideration.

Here are our four signs that it might be time to get a divorce:

Issues never get resolved. Conflict is natural in a couple. If you find that your issues aren’t getting resolved so much as getting ignored, that’s a warning sign. This could be neither of you compromising – or, much worse, it could be just a communication breakdown that means arguments never reach their conclusion. If every time you see your spouse you also see five unfinished conversations, take note of that.

You never talk about each other. If all your communication with your spouse is about others – your children, family, or friends – it is not a good sign. Consistently putting others ahead of your status of a couple doesn’t leave much time to spend together. If you find you and your spouse communicating more like business partners discussing logistics than like a couple wanting to advance their relationship, take time to think about what that means. Yes, relationships should still be advancing even after marriage!

They’re not the first person you want to talk to. Was your spouse once the person you would come to first with accomplishments or frustrations, and now they’ve been replaced? Do you feel guarded or on edge when you’re talking to them? If your life partner has become someone you don’t even enjoy being around, you have to change that one way or another.

You’re thinking a lot about divorce. Perhaps the most telltale sign is even if you looked up this article. If divorce is on your mind – not as an occasional consideration but a constant “what if?” – then it is time to take it seriously. Don’t be afraid to trust yourself and take the plunge.

If you are considering divorce, contact John M. Totten, P.C. today. We are happy to answer all your questions about the process and what it will mean for you. If you are facing a difficult decision, we want to hear from you! The best time to make a change is right now.

John M. Totten