Can I Reverse My Alabama Divorce?

Our minds are constantly changing. Even big life decisions can go back and forth in our minds as we work to create a better life for ourselves and those around us. Relationships are no exception to this.

People start a relationship with the hopes of getting married and start a marriage with the hope that it lasts a lifetime. As we know, this doesn’t always workout. Sometimes irreconcilable differences get in the way and result in you opting to file for divorce. But, what happens when those irreconcilable differences suddenly aren’t so insurmountable?

You Can If Your Divorce Isn’t Final

Before we address what happens after your divorce has been finalized, it’s important to note that you can change your mind at any point during the divorce process. This remains true even if you’re deep into the process of dividing assets and discussing potential child or spousal support orders.

If the divorce case has just begun and you haven’t appeared together in court, you can generally request a withdrawal without needing the other spouse to do anything. If the other spouse has responded to your divorce filing then you will both need to file for a withdrawal of the case together.

It’s not guaranteed that the court will accept the withdrawal request, though. The court may require additional information to verify that the withdrawal request is truly mutual and nothing nefarious is going on.

It’s Difficult But Not Impossible If Your Divorce Is Final

Time is of the essence if you have already signed a divorce settlement or received a divorce decree. In this case, you only have 30 days to file a request to reverse the settlement or decree. After that 30-day window, you would essentially have to get remarried from scratch (this cannot happen until at least 60 days after your divorce is finalized).

You’ve already been through one marriage with that person, so it may feel like just going through the motions for you. However, it’s still important to work with an attorney if you decide to attempt to end the marriage or remarry in the future. Alabama marriage and divorce laws are, in some ways, more stringent than most other states.

Wherever you are in the divorce or remarriage process, don’t go it alone. John M. Totten is recognized as one of Alabama’s top trial attorneys and has the experience to guide you through these difficult processes. Contact us and make sure your family law case is handled with care.

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