7 Tips for Safe Driving

Whether you’ve been driving for decades or today is your first day, you know that it isn’t always easy on the road. For as much as we all drive – several times every day for a lot of us – driving an automobile can be a demanding and frightening experience. It’s easy to treat it as an everyday occurrence and not stay on your best proactive driving behavior. It’s important to respect the road and the other drivers around you!

We know you’ve already passed Driver’s Ed, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad time for a refresher course. Here are our seven tips for safe driving:

Pay attention. Staying alert is essential to driving. Being distracted doesn’t have to mean texting while driving – it could be trying to read another car’s license plate, trying to eat while driving, or just getting engrossed in the podcast you’re listening to. Pay attention to everything happening around you at all times!

Use your turn signal. Do I really have to? Every single time? Even in a turn only lane? Even when I’m the only one on the road? The answer is yes. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Be patient. It can be hard to take it easy when you’re running late somewhere. Maybe traffic is backed up and you weren’t expecting that. Maybe you’re stuck behind an old-timer going twenty in the fifty. Take some deep breaths – breaking the speed limit is going to slow you down in the long run if you get pulled over.

Adjust to the weather. Driving in the rain is very different from driving in the snow. Both are completely different from driving during a bright summer day. Driving at night even takes different considerations! Plan accordingly and do not attempt to go seventy-five miles an hour on the highway in the middle of a flash flood.

Forgive and forget. Road rage affects the vast majority of all drivers. Forgiving someone who cuts you off is better than speeding up to cut them off. You never know what someone else is going through – and even if the truth is that they’re just a bad driver, just let it go.

Turn the lights on. If it’s dark out, use those headlights! If it’s raining, use those headlights! If it’s foggy, use those headlights! Just because you can see others doesn’t mean that others can see you. That’s what the headlights are there for!

Buckle up! The last one and the most important. Buckle up! Whether you’re driving or riding, whether it’s for a road trip or just moving through a parking lot, you need to buckle up. It is your best defense against any crazy drivers around you. No exceptions!

If you have been involved in an automobile accident, contact John M. Totten, P.C. today! We wish that everyone would follow these safe driving tips, but we know that they don’t. If you were injured, get in contact and we’ll help. Good people need good lawyers!

John M. Totten