5 Red Flags That Your Marriage is in Trouble

Every marriage and relationship is unique. Something that might be a problem in your friend’s marriage might not be a big deal in yours at all. Even with respect to the nuances of each romantic relationship, there are some issues that stand out no matter what. Within a marriage, we refer to these issues in this as “red flags.” Below, we have outlined five of them that should get your attention and have you seriously rethinking the state of your marriage. 

  1. You and your spouse have recurring arguments that never seem to reach a resolution. No relationship will be completely argument-free. That said, having the same arguments time and time again could signal that you and your spouse are simply unable to reach a compromise or work through problems that arise. A successful marriage is one in which both spouses are willing to meet the other one in the middle whenever there is a dispute. 
  2. There are feelings of indifference between the two of you. On the other side of the coin, your marriage could be on the rocks if there never seems to be any conflict between the two of you. If either you, your spouse, or both of you seem to be uncaring when the other does something disagreeable or annoying, then that could be a signal that someone has given up on having a robust and happy marriage. 
  3. You find yourself wanting to spend time away from your spouse more often than not. Relationship or not, everyone needs their space. It’s when you or your partner begin looking forward to being away from each other when there is a problem. If you immediately retreat to the other side of your house from your spouse when you get in from work, something could be wrong in your marriage.
  4. Your spouse keeps asking where you’ve been or demands access to your social media passwords. Again, each spouse needs their space in a marriage, and it’s healthy to acknowledge and appreciate that. You are allowed to have a social life outside of your marriage. A partner who regularly interrogates you on your whereabouts or wants access to your Facebook, email, and other private accounts is toxic and should be a clue that maybe you aren’t married to the right person. 


Your marriage, as with all others’, will have its ups and downs. Not every issue means that the best option for you is divorce. However, it is not useful to deny real, fundamental issues within your marriage. In these situations, divorce likely is the best option. If you have made the decision to move on, reach out to our firm to discuss having us be your divorce navigators. Call us at 256-233-2025 or through our website here.

John M. Totten